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into what you think your version should be for adopting the paa that's why europe into asia because leaders here said they would like to do some sort of paa in asia. >> you asked a lot of questions in there. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> well, let me talk about the sbx in general. you know, the sbx was built as a research and development platform. it was not designed to be in the long term missile ballistic architecture. there's benefit in research and development, but since it was built, my estimation is that the overall sophistication of the capabilities have grown, and it's grown globally so that the need to have diminished because they are mature of enough to have it. as far as the intercepters to be productive, you have to look across the technologies that we pursue, and recognize that the significant technology challenges that have been associated with that program, and really, i think you have to -- in the time frame that we've had to develop these systems, i think we've done the technology part of the -- of this ballistic missile defense have done amazing things in that time frame, t
in which market participants operate with some local banks in asia, europe and south america signally to u.s. financial institutions they will have to start treating to avoid cftc swap dealer registrations. approach may also encourage foreign break theaters to be similarly expansive as they crossed the regulatory reform machines. second, the cftc's definition of u.s. persons that dictates registration and application of title vii requirements is overly broad and at times they hurt as a result, market participants do not know whether they or their counterparties are or are not u.s. persons and cannot make informed business planes. in addition, the breadth of the definition makes it nearly certain that some market participants will be the u.s. person for the purpose of u.s. regulation and media person, causing unnecessary overlap and potential regulation. third, regarding sequencing, the cftc is chosen to finalize the title vii rules and require compliance with them before specifying. as a result, market participants be significant uncertainty as to oppose me apply. in contrast, the sec reco
and be at home. they didn't die in the middle east. they didn't die in eastern europe. they didn't die in africa were central or south america. they died right here in their own country tried to get all their people to become participated in the democratic process. and right now there is an attempt on the part of several members of congress, both democrats and republicans to get the postal service to issue a stay on in honor of these three young men. [applause] so we had to work in as. we mobilize. we had to speak up, we had to speak out. we had to get in trouble, good trouble, necessary travel. after dark or martin luther king received the nobel peace prize in december 1964, after president johnson signed the civil rights act in july 1964, dr. king had a meeting with the president. when he returned from europe, told him we needed voting rights act. president clinton johnson told dr. king in so many words, we don't have the votes in the congress to get it out of my sight pass. dr. martin luther king junior came back to atlanta, but with a group of us. my organization was already involved. and se
the military army. >> there are roughly 150,000 total. the congo is about the size of western europe. i believe the estimates are somewhere in the 6,000, 5-6,000 deployed. there's more -- 5 or 6,000 deployed in the east. i don't know what the exact estimate of the congo military deployment in the east is. there's a vast amount of territory the military is trying to cover with 150,000 troops. >> still, i mean, we're talking about a force of a thousand, and so why is this such a big issue for the drc in order to be able to basically prevail in the situation? let me say a slight revision. i think probably today the m23 probably has some 2,000 or so troops. i think he has pointed out the size of the congo, i think graphically describe the congo as a country which is as large as the eastern part of the united states from the atlantic to the mississippi. it is an enormous country and since the split of sue can it's geographically the largest in of africa. the eastern congo is one of the most difficult areas in which to operate. it is an an area that is deeply forested in some places, double and tripl
with 5% in europe 9% in china. we are two of 21st century economy and live in the real world of this 2.4% is not sustainable and unsuccessful. we must excel the replacement of natural gas pipelines to releasing the leaking gas filled hundreds of players including blazes that destroyed hundreds of homes. as you mention so eloquently, senator, we messed up ignoring climate change. a server, commerce committee committee and the science is clear to cutting carbon emissions over the long-term is key to reducing the risk from extreme weather. i thank you for the opportunity to testify and look forward to working together to help fellow americans healed and ensure we are all better prepared for similar service in the future. >> thank you, representatives. >> thank you, madam chairman. appreciate the invitation to speak for the committee today. i proudly represent the staten island brooklyn. staten island is one of the hardest hit areas of all of new york city. i was on the ground for the moment the storm started in the amount of devastation that i saw was unimaginable. 24 staten island or sau
in europe to do the same. the convention supporters also erroneously contend that the united states ratification would result in benefits for americans with disabilities who choose to live or travel or work abroad. they assert that it will allow the united states to have influence over disability rights, in such areas as employment or accessibility among other states that are part of the crpd. to be sure, americans with disabilities face erie's challenge is when they travel abroad, precisely because those nations laws are not as supportive as those in the united states. the man i spoke of just a moment ago. but it is the example that we have set for legislation, not verification that could improve the access. for example, to technology as our telecommunications act of 1996 does, or accommodations that would be available as the american for housing act does, for example. only those can draft and implement and enforce the type of wide-ranging laws that are necessary to actually protect the rights of persons with disabilities. laws, then i might add, are already in place here in the un
of overseas british chambers and maintain our country's position as the number one destination in europe for foreign investment. we are launching a new 1.5 billion pounds export finance facility to support the purchase of british export. [cheers] third, we are addressing the credit problems of companies we are providing it with 1 billion pounds of extra capital which will leave her either planning to help small firms and bring together existing ones. fourth, we are going to cut business taxes go further. let me tell you how. the temporary doubling of the small business rate relief scheme helps the small firms were 350,000 firms paying pay no right at all. the last government, we will end it in 2011, we have already extended its next april. and i extended by a further year to april 2014. we also confirmed the tax relief for our employees and shareholders. the energy bills provide renewable energy and we publish our gas strategy today to make sure that we make the best use of lower-cost gas power, including new sources of gas and went and we consenting the creation of a single office of re
of the region. the region is in for a longer period of time and change the central eastern europe based. i also think america played an important role -- should play a role in this. write your voice has been largely muted by her tunnel visions, by someway we can do this in our government and outside of government falsified. the main argument is it is upon us and more is coming. more changes coming. some of that likud islamist forces will need to figure out how to best use their power to shape and influence. >> thank you very much. i'm to run. extra bonus points if you can wait that hamon cheese eating islamist line america. >> a couple of closing points. first, we can collectively -- maybe i'll just say myself, generally with project a certain bigotry of low expect nations on muslims in the arab cultural world, which is those of us who are various religious faiths here know the extent to which we practice our faith in how faithful we are to this or that religious prescription. do we know that we fall pretty darn sure, but we think muslims, they'll pray five times a day. it never touched a scotc
of the war that ended with the united states, and power europe and japan on their backs to the u.s. dollar what as the international system currency did not make it a very vital it's not just fun to deal it's the settlement in world war ii and the superpower status in the international economy. the dominant party might be called regime party because they are able to use their political strength to carry forward the basic theme around which the political settlements were organized. jefferson's party looks to the blues and democracy expansion and the freedom and capitalism, fdr the themes of national regulation and internationalism and in this sense the united states has had a two-party system rather one-and-a-half party system assisting the regime party and the competitive forced to adapt is now on the position. the competitors in the 1840's that democrats after the civil war and the republicans in the postwar era won the national elections but only after accepting the legitimacy with the basic political fema established by the regime party. it's interesting to read the platforms and the de
europe, it has become very differentiated. this country no longer had much in common with one another, except for the memory of communist occupation. more with anne applebaum on life in soviet east germany, poland, and hungary. the end of world war ii in 1956. from historical narrative, iron curtain, on c-span's "q&a". >> ben bernanke announced monetary actions that the federal reserve will try to take sustained economic recovery, including keeping interest rates low. mr. ben bernanke spoke to leaders after the market meeting. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> the economy continues to expand at a moderate pace. unfortunately, however, unemployment remains high. about 5 million people, more than 40% of the unemployed have been unemployed for six months or more. and millions more have been able to find only part-time employment or have stopped working entirely. the conditions now prevailing in the job market represent an enormous waste of human and economic potential. the return to broad-based prosperity will require steady improvement in the job market, which requires longer economic
we sukkot eastern europe has become very differentiated. these countries that longer have much in common with one another except for the common memory of communist occupation. >> to meet the increasing demand for wireless services come the federal communications commission plans to auction part of the spectrum now used for television for future use in wireless broadband networks. fcc commissioners testified on capitol hill this week in a hearing that's a little less than three hours. [inaudible conversations] >> it makes a call to the subcommittee on technology for hearing on keeping the broadband bactrim on track. i want to thank everyone for being here today and before it began i'd like to start the hearing -- the subcommittee hearing recognizing five hard-working members will be departing the united states congress come including cliff stearns, mary butternut, brent bilbray, charlie bass and ed towns. we appreciate the service they've rendered to the people of the united states and the work they've done and we appreciate their service in which the amount in the next chapter
reached a tempo unseat since the 1990s of the tax funded in southeast asia, europe and africa and it appears the group has carried out an attack about. as we saw with the airport bombing in july. the quds force in india, talent and must bracingly here in washington d.c. taking steps to crack down on activities has been a top priority when it launched a whole government approach to counter higher gc activities including my enforcement, intelligence and diplomatic intelligence on trade issues. including the seizure of $150 million to the lebanese canadian bank had facilitated a fast narcotics and money laundering scheme. we urge countries to take a wide range of steps to crack down on hezbollah and the cubs force including sanctions come increased law enforcement and intelligence focus and strong public messaging. we've been engaging with reversing your premiere cautiously optimistic at last about the prospects review designation of the group. we've been regularly work you partners in other regions and countries are hezbollah has a significant presence and infrastructure includi
more? >> as we look at this posture, very specifically, we have a lot of forces in europe and it is not reasonable that they could have responded. not in any kind of timely way. this was over in a matter of 20 or 30 minutes respect to special mission specifically. we have no forces ready or tethered, if you will, focus on that mission so they could respond. nor would i expect that we would. >> i noticed that there was no mention of the cia in the report. they had more personnel than there were diplomats. >> we cannot answer some intelligence questions, unfortunately. >> thank you all for being here today. >> nuts from a discussion on the lack of security in benghazi, libya. at 8:00 a.m. eastern, the senate foreign relations committee and the deputy secretary of state william burns. we will have that on c-span2. later in the day, the house side of the capitol and testifying for the foreign affairs committee. live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span3. >> up next on c-span2, senator barbara boxer discusses two gun-control measures she plans to introduce. then caroly
but no self-government in russia, and china and india and africa, most of europe. you look back through the previous millennia and you have democracy and self-government existing in very few tiny city states, athens because they can't defend themselves militarily and even when it did exist people would speak the same language and worship the same god, the same climate and culture, a very small little area. that is all of world history. and you look today, democracy is half the planet. if you asked me what changed, what was the hinge of all of that i think i would say the word we the people. 225 years ago the hinge of world history because all of the conclusions at the time it was way better and more perfect and for the first time ever in the history of the planet, an entire continent got to vote on how they and their posterity would be, and there were lots of exclusions from our perspective that we wouldn't exist as a democratic country in the democratic world but for that. i would say it's the hinge of all modern history. before democracy almost nowhere and in the project is begun. it'
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